Next week I am making a presentation based on Chapter 9 of Hemingway’s Widow at the conference at Santa Fe College, in Gainesville, Florida.  Mary was reluctant to have a relationship with Ernest, let alone marry him, as is revealed in her journals and diaries held at the JFK Library in Boston.

I will  show how the Cuban law of marriage limited Mary’s  property rights.  If she left Ernest she could take nothing. The Cuban marriage gave Hemingway a legal advantage he could not have enjoyed if they had married in the U.S..  It was a bad deal for Mary.

Finally, we will see how Hemingway used his wills to reward and punish those in and out of favour.  First he disinherited Martha Gellhorn before their marriage ended; then he disinherited his son, Greg; and then he disinherited all of his sons.

It will be good to get some reaction to my work.