Mary would have vehemently opposed Putin’s efforts to invade Ukraine. She despised Chamberlain’s surrender of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia to appease Hitler’s ruthless ambition. Mary fought against fascism through her journalism. A quote from Hemingway’s Widow shows her fighting spirit:

“This anger runs along my nerves, and brain like a flame—fury at the injustice toward the Czechs, fury that Chamberlain runs this country into God knows what shame without giving them a chance to speak, even in Parliament.” Mary said she had transformed from “a violent pacifist into a violent fighter. That’s what’s happened to most of the people around here.” The things they said about Chamberlain infuriated her: “Hells delight if thoughts could kill. He made me sick at my stomach this morning, repudiating all responsibility for everything.”

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