Mary Welsh MONKS in 1942, two years before meeting Ernest Hemingway

Mary Welsh

IMG_0208Max Aitken was a fabulously successful, Canadian-born, businessman who expanded to London and became a press baron, acquiring the largest English circulation paper in the world, The Daily Express. He became a force in English politics and was appointed a peer of the realm, choosing to call himself Lord Beaverbrook. He was a close friend of Churchill and became Minister of Aircraft Production in Churchill’s wartime cabinet. Beaverbrook, nick-named “the Beaver”, weighed 145 pounds and his head was disproportionately large for his frail body. He seduced Mary and she became a reporter for The Daily Express. In How it Was Mary denied that she succumbed to Beaverbrook’s advances but in Hemingway’s Widow fresh evidence is presented that she did in fact live by the “Beaver’s” law.